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Successful business is not chicken feed

2022-04-03 Chinese police extradite fugitive from Greece Xi's Moments during B&R Forum Outcomes show forum was successful 10 regions beat national GDP growth rate Bonded zones cutting costs for nation's enterprises Investment planned to develop Beijing's southern area From G20 Hangzhou Summit to Belt and Road forum, Xi's global prominence on the rise Scholars told to boost influence of China's philosophy China's Bond Connect program continues to thrive in July China's cargo, container throughput rise in H1 Ministry criticizes Japan on Taiwan CIIE opens new doors for foreign companies Successful business is not chicken feed Initiative unveiled to attract overseas Chinese talent Senior CPC official calls for studying Xi's speeches Despite some obstacles, sovereigns and central banks prefer China for investment Xi meets with leaders of Argentina and Cambodia Tibet village uplifted over 70 years Xi's speech at opening ceremony of B&R forum published